2019/20 - Breaking Centre Records

Week 12  18/01/2020

U/11 Boys - Patrick Staines continued his hold on the 1100m walk with his 4th record time of the season in this event.  Patrick recorded a time of 7.34.21 to beat his previous best of 7.49.70 set in December.  Patrick has now taken over 1 minute from the existing record at the start of the season.

Week 11  11/01/2020

U/7 Girls - Haven Lennon earned her first Centre Record for the season when she broke the 50m Hurdles title for her age group.  Haven soared over the hurdles in a time of 11.20  to beat the previous record of 11.44 set by Emma White in week 5 of the current season.

Week 10 14/12/2019

U/8 Girls - Rose Parker announced her arrival as a new member to the club with her first Centre record.  Rose jumped 0.90m to claim the Scissor High Jump record overtaking Hannah Kemp's previous height of 0.89m.

U/10 Boys - Jordyn Delaney continued his form in the Scissor High Jump when he added to his existing record by 1cm.  Jordyn cleared 1.13m to beat his previous best of 1.12m set last month.

U/7 Boys - Ariki Murphy also added to his existing Record when he launched a 16.32m throw with the Vortex.  Ariki beat his previous best of 16.02m set back in Week 2 of the current season.

U/6 Girls - Elin Taylor found her way in to the record books with a huge throw in the Vortex event.  Elin recorded an 8.46m throw to beat the previous record of 8.12 set by Lily McGuinness in November 2018.

Week 9 7/12/2019

U/14 Girls - Emily Smith continued her dominance in the walk event by again reducing the time on her Centre record.  Emily stopped the clock today at 7.57.20 to become the first junior female at the club to record a sub 8 minute time on the grass track in a 1500m walk. 

U/11 Boys - Patrick Staines also continued his winning form in the 1100m walk event by breaking the old record for the third time this season.  Patrick today recorded a time of 7.49.70 to slash a further 9 seconds off his existing record.

Week 8 30/11/2019

U/6 Boys - Patrick Lewis shone in the 50m Hurdles when he clocked a tme of 12.22 to beat the record of 12.28 set last season by Seth Littler.  This is Patrick's first Centre record.

U/7 Boys - Connor Boyd broke his own existing record in the 50m Hurdles when he flew over the finish line in a time of 10.51.  Connor's time beat his previous record of 10.80 set in Week 5.

U/9 Girls - Darcey Green continued the fall of records for the day by taking her age group's 50m Hurdle crown.  Darcey stopped the clock at 10.97 to beat the previous record of 11.26 set by Holly White in November 2018.

U/9 Boys - William Hayes achieved a new record in the 600m event when he clocked a 2.11.68.  William's time beats the previous record of 2.11.83 set by Maddix Michel last season.

U/10 Boys - Maddix Michel made it a double at the 600m when he set a new record for his age group.  Maddix new time of 2.08.41 beat the previous record of 2.10.25 set by Jordyn Delaney in Week 1 of this season.

Week 7 16/11/2019

U/8 Girls - Hannah Kemp cleared 0.89m at the Scissor High Jump to nab the first Centre record for this round.  Hannah's result beat the previous record of 0.85m held by both Macey Cole and Alayna Paulke.

U/10 Boys - Jordyn Delaney also etched further details in to the record books when he added to his current Scissor Jump result.  With the crowd cheering him on, Jordyn soared over the bar at 1.12m to beat his previous record of 1.09m set last month.  

Week 6 9/11/2019

U/14 Girls - Emily Smith kept up her winning form in walk events by taking a further 4 seconds off the Centre Record she set in week 3 for her age group's 1500m Walk.  Emily stopped the clock this time at 8.09.27 and has her sights set on trying to break the 8 minute mark on the grass track.  

U/11 Boys - Patrick Staines made it a double for walk records when he too bettered his record also set in Week 3.  Patrick clocked 7.58.29 for the 1100m race to beat his previous 8.08.69.  

Week 5 1/11/2019

U/6 Girls - Lilly Kemp joined the record books for the first time when she registered a 12.56 time in the 50m Hurdles.  Lilly's time beat the 13.30 season best of 2018 set by Haven Lennon which is the first year the event was included.

U/7 Girls - Emma White continued the excitement in the 50m Hurdles when she recorded a time of 11.44 to claim the U/7 record.  Emma's time beat the existing record of 11.99 set by Alayna Paulke in 2018.

U/7 Boys - Connor Boyd made it a trifecta at the hurdles when he too set a new record at the Week 5 meet.  Connor flew over the 50m Hurdles in a time of 10.80 to beat Hayden Knowles' record of 11.06 set earlier this season.

U/8 Girls - Alayna Paulke continued her successful start to the Track & Field season when she claimed her second record.  This time around Alayna recorded a time of 1.12.46 in the 300m event.  Alayna's time beats the previous record of 1.13.59 set by Charlotte Milkovic in November 2018.

Week 3 19/10/2019

U/14 Girls - Emily Smith showed her prowess in race walking when she kicked off her season goal of claiming the 1500m racewalking record for her age group on her first attempt for the season.  Emily clocked 8.13.48 to beat the 18 year old record of 8.31.50 set by Carina Weymouth-Wilson in January 2001.

U/11 Boys - Patrick Staines made it a double at the walks this week when he claimed the 1100mW record.  Patrick completed his race in 8.08.69 to eclipse the previous record of 8.35.35 set by Aiden Smith in 2017.

U/14 Girls - Mali Goggin added a second record for her age group this week when she claimed the 200m Hurdles title with a time of 35.42 to sneak in on the old time of 35.45 set by Maddison Staines in 2017.

Week 2 12/10/2019

U/10 Boys - Jordyn Delaney added another Centre record to his name this week with the scissor jump title.  Jordyn jumped 1.09m to soar pass the previous height of 1.05m set in December 2018 by James Bolt.

U/7 Boys - Ariki Murphy showed he has plenty of promise in athletics when the newcomer set a new Centre record for the Vortex in his age group.  Ariki hurled the vortex 16.02m to beat last season's best of 15.64 set byOakley Hanley-Stone.

U/8 Girls - Alayna Paulke equalled the Scissor High Jump record when she cleared 0.85m to tie with the existing record set by Macey Cole in February, 2018.

Week 1 5/10/2019

U/7 Boys - Hayden Knowles claimed the 50m Hurdles record for his age group with a time of 11.06.  Hayden's time beat the previous time of 11.46 set last year by Oakley Hanley-Stone when the event was introduced at the club.

U/8 Girls - Alayna Paulke claimed the 50m Hurdles record for her age group when she clocked a time of 11.84 to beat Charlotte Milkovic's time of 12.94 set last year.

U/9 Boys - Xander Boyd made it a trifecta when he also set a new record in his age group's 50m Hurdles.  Xander's time of 10.54 beat last season's best of 10.60 set by Jordyn Delaney.

U/10 Boys - Jordyn Delaney  claimed the 600m record for his age group when he sprinted to the finish line in 2.10.25 to beat Timothy Hayes' time of 2.11.89 set last season.



Historical Records

Historical records have been transcribed many times over the years and as such discrepancies may have crept in.  If you notice any discrepancies or can assist in adding names to our records, please contact the Centre Secretary via email at seaford@lavic.com.au