Seaford Uniform

All athletes are required to wear the SLAC uniform for Centre as well as Region and State competition.  This uniform consists of a SLAC yellow and black top and black shorts.  Please ensure shorts have no pockets.  If an undergarment is worn, it must be plain.

Tops may be purchased from the club on competition days.  Club jackets, Caps, etc are also available for purchase.

Uniform items available are as follows:

Singlets            $35.00

         T Shirts            $35.00         

Crop Tops         $35.00

  Jackets            $55.00 

Hoodies            $55.00

Polo T Shirts     $40.00

Puffer Vest        $60.00

Peaked Cap     $20.00

 Hair ties            $6.00

Back Pack        $30.00

 Sports bags     $40.00